The company was originally called Summer Place Pools, and was founded in the late sixties when the pool industry was in its infancy in South Africa. There were only a handful of builders at the time. Most of the builders only constructed pools in two or three different shapes.

We were the first to offer a shape chart which included some 12 different designs. Our focus has remained on doing work that is out of the ordinary and different.

Change of Ownership

Roger Crofton joined the company in 1982, and subsequently bought the business from the original owner in 1988.


Our capabilities in the domestic market are endless. Included are pools with invisible edges, spillovers, infinity pools, flush decks, beach entries, cliff hangers, genuine rock features, sophisticated water features, pool windows into underground rooms and cellars. We have also successfully built pools in the worst ground conditions. With the help of civil engineers, all of those projects were successfully completed. None of those projects have ever suffered structural failure. Something that we are very proud of.

Our work in the B2B market includes therapy pools, clinics, primary and high schools, hotel and health clubs, pools inside and on top of buildings and large fountains and water features.

We have over the years constructed over a thousand second, third or fourth pools for the same satisfied clients in their new homes. We specialise in work that is out of the ordinary and requires accuracy and attention to details to ensure that it functions correctly and offers fun and enjoyment.