Beauty without boundaries

Transform your home with a spectacular infinity pool from Specialised Pools, a leading infinity pool company offering the highest quality and most reliable service.

Invest in your home

Infinity pools are a beautiful and eye-catching addition to your home that will give you and your family many fun-filled years of enjoyment. Spend more time making memories in your picture-perfect pool and less money finding entertainment elsewhere! Plus, when you’re ready to move on, they’ll add that extra sparkle to your home that entices buyers and adds value to your investment.

Attract more customers

If you own a guest house, hotel, entertainment venue or water park, there are few things more appealing to your guests than a magnificent infinity pool. Not only will you attract more business, giving you the edge over your competitors, but you’ll also help your customers to create lasting memories of your venue. Nothing says luxury quite like a spill over pool!

Do less cleaning

Who wants to spend hours cleaning their pool? We know that our customers have better things to do with their time. That’s why we’ve designed our pools to spill over perfectly and to be virtually self-cleaning. This means that you can sit back and enjoy your investment without worrying about the hassle of maintaining it.

Design innovation

We install infinity pools (also called infinity pools pools) in private homes, hotels, guest houses and water parks, custom designing our pools to suit any requirement.

Superior craftsmanship

Unlike many other companies who lack structural knowledge and expertise, our work is designed correctly from the start, using methods that have been proven over many years of successful pool instalments. Finding the right infinity pool builder isn’t easy. In fact, many South African companies simply refuse to attempt to build this type of pool. We ensure superior functionality, utmost attention to detail, and the highest quality workmanship on every project.

Specialised Pools: Trust the professionals in infinity pools

Few companies in South Africa have the experience and expertise to build the spill over pools you see in glossy magazines. Don’t take a chance on unreliable or cheap companies that may cause you endless headaches. Rather, trust the professionals, and let us build you the pool of your dreams.