Get a professional lap pool in your own home

Train, exercise and keep fit with a custom-built lap pool in your own home. Our high quality lap pools are designed to maximise space.

Stay fit at home

Lap pools are extremely beneficial for anyone who is focused on health and wellbeing, and who wishes to keep fit without having to go to a public gym. They’re also ideal for professional swimmers and athletes, who need to maintain their training schedule even when they’re at home. Lap pools are an excellent source of exercise for kids, adults and the elderly.

Make use of awkward spaces

Because of their shape, lap pools can often be installed in areas where a regular pool would not be practical. Our lap swimming pools are usually 20m long by 4m wide, making them ideal for lengthier stretches that are not wide enough to accommodate the traditional shape of pool. They also allow you to maximise this space with an investment that is both useful and attractive.

Increase your home’s value

Especially today, where space is limited and properties are expensive, swimming pools are considered a luxury addition to a home. Adding a lap pool to your home will not only benefit your and your family’s health, but it will also be appealing to potential buyers when the time comes to sell. Moreover, it may even attract higher-end buyers who are specifically looking for a lap pool.

Customised to your requirements

Our lap pools can be tailored to the requirements of any application. For example, home applications can be fitted with starter blocks, lane markers, lane dividers, backstroke markers and swim jets. We install school pools, sports pools, gym pools in fitness centres, and competition pools. Moreover, our pools can be heated to allow for year-round training and exercise. This is a great for private users and club members alike.

Heated pools

If you’re serious about training or you’re a professional athlete, it makes sense to install your own heated lap pool in your home. Not only will you have access to it at all times, but it also helps you save time, money and hassle in getting to a public pool or gym.

Lap pools from the professionals

Specialised Pools has been designed, building and installing swimming pools since the 1960s, giving us a serious edge over our competitors. Each of our projects is built with exceptional attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and the highest quality products.