Stunning pool windows for a unique swimming experience

Pool windows add a unique design feature to your pool and your home, creating a talking point for guests and an exciting experience for swimmers.

Turn your pool into the main feature of your home

A well maintained, beautifully crafted swimming pool will always be the envy of your friends. Now, imagine if it also had distinctive pool windows – an unusual and innovative design element that really catches the eye. These windows will turn your pool into the main feature of your home, giving it an individualistic touch that is not often seen in residential pools.


Our pool windows are designed and specified by qualified engineers to ensure a trouble-free and safe design. The frames are properly sealed and waterproofed using our tried and tested method to provide a watertight, secure product, which is very often not the case with inferior products. In fact, most pool builders will not even attempt to install these windows, but we have complete confidence in ours!

Enjoy frame-less pool windows

Frame-less pool windows are aesthetically pleasing touches that make your swimming pool and home stand out. They allow maximum enjoyment for when you are swimming and when you are relaxing on the patio. Our frame-less pool windows are uniquely designed for the swimming pool on which they are installed. This ensures optimal performance.

Illuminate your home

Swimming pool windows are not just aesthetically pleasing. They also allow light to enter your home, illuminating areas with gorgeous natural light and enhancing the appearance of your home. Underwater windows work similarly to sky lights, in that they provide a burst of illumination that can really change the feel of any room. Plus, the room also benefits from a very unique outlook!

Sports observation

Underwater windows have been used for many years as an aid during swimming and diving training. Pool windows enable coaches to observe swimmers and divers in action, while remaining on ‘dry land’. In fact, trainers can even stand at eye level with their teams and provide stroke correction from the sidelines. Pool windows also facilitate the use of cameras for recording or televising underwater activities.

Ensure effective hydrotherapy exercises

Pool windows are a valuable addition to therapy pools, as they enable physiotherapists, rehabilitators and caregivers to monitor their patients’ movements in the water. This helps to ensure that patients are performing each move correctly, and also gives patients the assurance of knowing that they are following the right guidelines for every exercise.

Why you should choose Specialised Pools

Specialised Pools pioneered the installation of pool windows in conjunction with PG Glass and a team of engineers in the early 1980s, and the method we first used then is the industry standard today. We are the innovators of this fantastic product – so why would you choose anyone else? We also have the capability and expertise to do frame-less glass installations for infinity pools, as well as glass pool walls, sides and features.